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So, this is it

So this is it, our leaving day has arrived. Up until now, it has felt like a dream, but waking up this morning, our last living in the UK,  it has become reality. The last few days have been filled with packing and re-packing as we try to stuff everything into our woefully small car. What we can’t take we’re leaving with friends.


In between packing we’ve been saying goodbye to our friends in Sussex. The last three days has been the hardest for me and I’ve ended each day drained. But it’s not a permanent goodbye. We’re only moving to France, and we’ll only be as far away as if we were moving to the north of Scotland. Skype, FaceTime, Facebook and this website will keep us connected as we start this new chapter of our lives. We already feel incredibly supported by our new network of friends in France from the Les Bons Voisins group, with whom we’ll be working.


11 April 2016

A good meal, some good wine, a couple of Stugerons and the gentle motion of the ferry meant a good night’s sleep and waking in France. We’re taking a gentle journey south; stopping off to visit friends along the way. First stop southern Brittany, where the sun is warm and we’ve seen our first swallows. Time to relax and unwind after the hectic pace of our last few days in the UK.

Home is where the heart is. 

Home is where the heart is.


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