52 postcards - week 51, Bird box

For most of this project I haven’t made images in or around my house. However, in the run up to Christmas, I was struck down with ‘the cold’ that was doing the rounds. Going out wasn’t appealing, but neither was letting the whole project fail with only two weeks to go.

For days the light was dreadful, leaden grey skies and rain, pretty much reflecting how I felt. Then at last on Saturday the sun finally shone. Strong shadows were cast on the house and garden. On the gable end of my neighbour’s house I noticed how the light was playing on the house sparrow nest box. As soon as I saw it, I knew this was the image. I knew I wanted the final image to be high key and in black and white to emphasise the lines and shadows.

Week 51’s recipient is Moni Smith. It’s thanks to Moni that I started this project. Printing and sharing work has been such a wonderful creative journey. Although I won’t be doing a weekly project in 2015, I am going to continue sharing my work, through Moni’s project Postcards from Afar.