52 postcards - week 50, Through the front door

One thing I’ve discovered while doing this project, is that you never know where the next image will come from. I thought I knew where I might find week 50’s image, the Farmers’ Market in Shoreham-by-Sea. I’ve tried at the market before, but with no success. And I had the same result this time too. It’s a vibrant market, with lots of great stalls and interest, but I’m really not comfortable doing street photography, so my camera stayed in its bag.

As I got home and shut the front door, there was the image. Sun was streaming through our leaded glass door and the red glass ‘berries’ of our Christmas wreath. Perfect.

Week 50’s recipient is Jean Gerrard. Jean is a member of my camera club, Brighton and Hove Camera Club. Following a short presentation I did a few weeks ago about my 52 postcards project, Jean was inspired to do her own postcard project next year. I’m looking forward to watch her take on it develop over 2015.