52 postcards – week 48, Bathing in light

I’m not a fan of making images of sunrises and sunsets. Rather than make an image, I’d much rather enjoy watching the sunrise or set, than be stuck behind a camera and experiencing it second-hand. Living on the south coast of England, we do get some great sunsets, particularly during the winter when the sun sets over the sea. However, wandering along the beach a couple of weeks ago and in need of an image for the week, I gave in and made a few images, just before the sun dipped behind some clouds above the horizon. The light was beautiful. It bounced off the sea and bathed everything in a deep glow.

Week 48’s recipient, Diane Cusack, is one of the four Ravelry 365ers from the United States I connected with during my 2008 project. Diane was a great source of inspiration and help and for that I’m truly grateful.