52 postcards – week 46, Sunday morning

Some weeks, finding an image for the project takes me right down to the wire. If I haven’t found something by Friday I start to get a bit twitchy, by Saturday, mild hysteria may have set in and by Sunday, full blown panic! I was in full-blown panic mode for week 46. The poor weather and other commitments had meant I was unable to get out during the week with my camera. Early Sunday morning didn’t look promising with dark, leaden skies however, there was nothing for it, but to get out with the camera and find something. The prospect of the project failing with only six weeks to go, acted as a great spur to being creative.


After picking up our weekend treat of croissants from the Shoreham Real Patisserie, I glanced over towards the Adur Ferry Bridge and noticed some strong and interesting light. The new bridge, which I featured in week 44, has large glass panels, which make excellent reflections. I made several images, waiting for something of interest to come into the frame. My favourite though, was of this little Jack Russell going for his Sunday morning walk.


As part of the project, I post my images to Instagram. This changes the format to a square. For many of the images this doesn’t necessarily enhance them, but for this one, I think it improves it as it removes the reflection to the right, making the image stronger and less cluttered.



Week 46’s recipient is once again Ann Cameron from Australia. Ann has been a regular commenter on my images on Flickr. You can see her work on her Flickr stream.