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December 2014

52 weeks in 52 postcards

52 weeks in 52 postcards, all together in a little over four and a half minutes. I’ve loved doing this project this year, being creative and sharing is so important. I’m a little behind with the last few blog posts due to the lurgy over Christmas, but I’ll post the last three in the New Year.

Thank you for all your interest and support over last 12 months. Wishing you a peaceful and creative 2015.


Season’s greetings

Beached in the snow

Whatever or however you celebrate at this time of year, I’d like to send you my best wishes. Thank you for your interest in my 52 postcards project during 2014. It’s been a pleasure to share my work with you. Like 2014, I know that 2015 will bring me some new and exciting creative challenges. I look forward to continuing to share my creative journey with you.

52 postcards – week 49, The stars and the moon are in the trees

52 postcards – week 49, The stars and the moon are in the trees

The gardens at Wakehurst Place are magical at the best of times, but a couple of weeks ago, were made even more so by Glow Wild. Hundreds of lanterns were placed around part of the gardens and lit at dusk. I wasn’t able to get to the main event in the evening, but I did wander round the gardens while the finishing touches were being made. It was bitterly cold and grey but at least still. Even in these horrid conditions the unlit lanterns almost glowed. The stillness compensated a little for the grey and cold, but I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired photographically.

At one of the lakes, stars and a large moon had been suspended from the trees over the water. The stillness made for perfect reflections. The light was ridiculously low, so I had to push the ISO up on my little compact to higher than I would have liked. But it was that or no images. The files are a little noisy, but some minor tweaking and black and white conversion has made a useable image. Trying to replicate the natural glow from the lanterns has so far proved problematic, but is something I may work on a little over the Christmas holidays.

Week 49’s recipient is once again Sarah McKenzie from Rhode Island. Sarah is one of the four photographers who were in the Ravelry 365 Flickr group class of 2008. Sarah is also continuing her photographic journey and you can see her work on her blog.

52 postcards – week 48, Bathing in light

52 postcards – week 48, Bathing in light

I’m not a fan of making images of sunrises and sunsets. Rather than make an image, I’d much rather enjoy watching the sunrise or set, than be stuck behind a camera and experiencing it second-hand. Living on the south coast of England, we do get some great sunsets, particularly during the winter when the sun sets over the sea. However, wandering along the beach a couple of weeks ago and in need of an image for the week, I gave in and made a few images, just before the sun dipped behind some clouds above the horizon. The light was beautiful. It bounced off the sea and bathed everything in a deep glow.

Week 48’s recipient, Diane Cusack, is one of the four Ravelry 365ers from the United States I connected with during my 2008 project. Diane was a great source of inspiration and help and for that I’m truly grateful.

52 postcards – week 47, Last leaves of autumn

52 postcards – week 47, Last leaves of autumn

Autumn is one of my favourite times of year. The richness of the changing colours makes it one of the most dynamic times of the natural year. Capturing this kaleidoscope of colours can be tricky, particularly in bright light, when the contrasts between light and shadow are extreme. So dull is best, making the colours sing out. Dull and wet, that’s another challenge. But dull and wet were the conditions I had on a ‘non-volunteering day’ visit to Wakehurst. It was also bitterly cold. All in all, hardly ideal conditions for getting the camera out.

However, once I started to look there were opportunities everywhere. The tree bark, wetted by the rain, stood out against the back drop of yellow, green, red and brown leaves. Moss was brightened by the water it had soaked up. Raindrops formed on the end of branches and twigs. The dull light made the leaves glow. The light was very low and I should have used a tripod, but the wet and the cold made me lazy, so instead, I increased the ISO to higher than I would have liked and hand-held the camera. Photography is all about light and even ‘poor’ light can produce colour and vibrance.

Week 47’s recipient is Patti Blaine. Patti is one of the four talented photographers from America with whom I completed my 365 project with in 2008. Like the others, Patti has continued to give support and show interest in my photographic journey. As well as being a photographer, she is also a talented knitter and fibre artist. You can see her work on her blog, Every Fibre of My Being.

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