52 postcards - week 45, The last flowers of summer

I’ve recently started volunteering at Wakehurst Place, the Royal Botanic Gardens home in West Sussex. I’m working in the UK Seed Hub, an HLF funded project to grow and harvest UK native plants. At the moment my day revolves around weeding, weeding and more weeding. It’s a far, but welcome, change from the job I left earlier in the year which my working day which mostly involved sitting in front of a computer or in endless meetings. By the end of my day at Wakehurst I may ache in places I didn’t know could ache, but I can see the results of my work.

Creating something each week has been one of the most satisfying elements of this 52 postcards project. Something that is tangible, something that has involved creativity, something that has been completed. Since starting at Wakehurst I’ve been keen to create an image from the gardens. Wandering into the public gardens a couple of weeks ago I found a beautiful stone planter in the walled garden, in it were a few remaining daisies, the last flowers of summer. There was little light, but what there was, was a gentle backlight that shone through the fragile petals. I wanted to show the fragility and beauty of the flowers, so in post production de-saturated the image and added a light vignette.

Week 45’s recipient is Alex Yates from Norwich. Alex works primarily, but not exclusively, in film. You can see his work on his website.