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November 2014

52 postcards – week 45, The last flowers of summer

52 postcards - week 45, The last flowers of summer

I’ve recently started volunteering at Wakehurst Place, the Royal Botanic Gardens home in West Sussex. I’m working in the UK Seed Hub, an HLF funded project to grow and harvest UK native plants. At the moment my day revolves around weeding, weeding and more weeding. It’s a far, but welcome, change from the job I left earlier in the year which my working day which mostly involved sitting in front of a computer or in endless meetings. By the end of my day at Wakehurst I may ache in places I didn’t know could ache, but I can see the results of my work.

Creating something each week has been one of the most satisfying elements of this 52 postcards project. Something that is tangible, something that has involved creativity, something that has been completed. Since starting at Wakehurst I’ve been keen to create an image from the gardens. Wandering into the public gardens a couple of weeks ago I found a beautiful stone planter in the walled garden, in it were a few remaining daisies, the last flowers of summer. There was little light, but what there was, was a gentle backlight that shone through the fragile petals. I wanted to show the fragility and beauty of the flowers, so in post production de-saturated the image and added a light vignette.

Week 45’s recipient is Alex Yates from Norwich. Alex works primarily, but not exclusively, in film. You can see his work on his website.


52 postcards – week 44, Adur Ferry Bridge impression

52 postcards - week 44, Adur Ferry Bridge Impression

There are five bridges crossing the River Adur in Shoreham-by-Sea. As the tidal river meanders its way along the western boundary of the town and out to the sea, it passes under the large concrete viaduct of the A27 trunk road, the recently restored wooden Toll Bridge, the railway bridge, the Norfolk Bridge carrying the A259 coast road and the newly opened Adur Ferry bridge which links the beach with the town for pedestrians and cyclists. I’ve created images of three of the bridges (weeks 9, 23 and 44).

For each of the images I’ve used a blurring technique. As I’ve said in an earlier post, I’m enjoying this approach to image creation. I’m using the camera as a tool to produce something closer to an impressionist painting than a traditional photograph. With images of three bridges now complete, my aim is to capture the remaining two bridges by the end of this project. I’ve already scouted the locations and have some ideas on how to best produce a blurred image of each. So watch this space.

Week 44’s recipient is Inge van Leipsig from the Netherlands. I’ve exchanged postcards with Inge throughout the year. I love her pinhole images, a technique I’d like to try one day.

52 postcards – week 43, Pier

52 postcards - week 43, Pier

Wandering along Worthing seafront, I wanted to find a simple composition. Strong, simple lines and shapes. The 1930s buildings on the pier provide lots of opportunities. The amusement arcade, with its bold red lettering and lights, is still in use. Despite the colour interest, a black and white rendition makes for a stronger image, in my opinion. While I have a love of bold colours, I’m finding myself increasingly drawn to creating black and whites.

This week’s recipient is Emma Bennett. Emma is a graphic artist and talented photographer from Hove. You can find her work on her website

52 postcards – week 42, Locked up

52 postcards - week 42, Locked up

Like many British seaside towns, Hove has a row of beach huts. From the road, their backs look the same and a little dull. When I first moved down to the south coast, it was several months of cycling along the seafront looking at these drab looking huts before I realised a riot of colour was hidden from the road. Each door of each hut is brightly painted. Freshly painted doors, next to ones with peeling paint, next to doors with candy stripes. Each hut is individual and has a character of its own, right down to the locks on the door.

 Week 42’s postcard was sent to France as part of the monthly postcard exchange I’m taking part in. To date, I haven’t heard from the recipient. If I do I will share their work with you.

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