52 postcards - week 41, Fork and asphalt

Keep it simple, was my mantra for week 41. Unlike most weeks, when I haven’t had any fixed ideas for style or subject, I knew I wanted to make a simple, minimalist image following Miksang principles. I also put another constraint on myself, time. I gave myself a lunchtime in Shoreham to find something. Being restricted to style, time and place really made me concentrate and more importantly look.

As I wandered around the town I looked for simple shapes, clean lines, contrasting colours. When you set out to find something simple, all you can find is clutter and busyness. But simplicity can be found if you really look up, down and around. Had I not been looking, I would have walked past or even on this wet and broken plastic fork on cracked green asphalt.

Week 41’s recipient is once again Juliette Wiles. Juliette introduced me to Miksang Contemplative Photography when we met on a photography workshop in 2012. You can see Juliette’s work on her website.