52 postcards - week 40, West Pier impression

I’ve been reviewing the images I’ve made so far for this project. I wanted to see if there are any recurring themes or styles emerging. I think I’ve found one – deliberate blurring to create an impression of a scene. I started this technique last year with some impressions of the Toll Bridge in Shoreham-by-Sea and have gone on to develop and refine it.

I’ve used this technique several times for 52 postcards. From experience, the most successful images have been of a recognisable structure or landmark. As I was in Brighton and searching for an image I thought I’d try the technique on the iconic West Pier. The light was bright and harsh, so I knew that the resulting image would high key as well as blurred. The blurring isn’t as pronounced as in some of my other images, but enough to be impressionistic; the high key makes the outline of the ruin of the pier to stand out against the sky and sea.

Photographs don’t have to be tack sharp and realistic. All these images came about by not being afraid to play and experiment.

Week 40’s postcard recipient is Isabelle Boutriau. Isabelle has recently returned from the Kyrgyz region of China and has made some stunning images, which you see over at her Flickr stream.