52 postcards - week 34, Summer Saturday

A summer Saturday at the beach; deck chairs, ice cream and candy floss. Being a British summer Saturday it’s quite likely that there will be also be windbreaks, fleece jumpers and a certain amount of stoicism as the weather can often be a little on the cool side to say the least. Most summer weekends, day-trippers, many from London, swell the population of Brighton. More often than not, they stream straight down to the beach from the railway station. It’s as if the beach and sea act like magnets; drawing people to them. I know this feeling, as I find being by the sea one of the most relaxing and invigorating places to be.

This image was made early on one such summer Saturday as I made a quick visit to the city. It was still quite cool and the wind was strong and large clouds were threatening to cover the sun. However, people were sill there, on the beach, sitting, playing, laughing, eating, many wrapped in fleeces, faces set to stoic. Why? Because this is what you do by the sea on a summer Saturday.

Week 34’s postcard was sent on one of this project’s longest journeys to Australia. At the time of writing, I haven’t heard from the recipient, but if I do, I’ll add their details and a link to their wonderful photography here.