52 postcards - week 35, Meetings with remarkable trees I did something for week 35, that I don’t do enough of when making images; slow down. A couple of days before I took this image I’d been to London to see Charlie Waite’s exhibition, Silent Exchange. Charlie Waite is one of my favourite landscape photographers. Many images that landscape photographers create leave me cold. They are technically perfect, taken in stunning locations, often during the ‘magic’ hours of dawn and dusk, but for all that, for me they are soulless. With Charlie’s images, I get a real sense of passion from him about what he was creating, both in the large landscapes and my favourites, his intimate landscapes. If I’m to develop my landscape style, this is the style I’d like to emulate. From looking at the images, it was very obvious, that they’d not been taken in a rush, but had been considered and time taken over them. This is something I need to do more of. Last Sunday I tried to put some slowing down into practice. I went for a wander in Houghton Forest, near Arundel in West Sussex. This mixed woodland has some very old and very majestic trees. The low light in the forest meant I had to use a tripod; a frustrating but excellent tool for slowing down. As there was a reasonable amount of sunlight filtering through the canopy, I needed to use graduated neutral density filters to try to even the exposure; using filters is another excellent way to slow down. In the hour that I was in the wood, I moved no more than a few meters from this tree. I came away feeling so relaxed; I like this Zen-like approach to making images, I just need to remind myself to do it more often! Week 35’s recipients are my neighbours Nick and Hannah. Earlier this year, Nick had an exhibition of his images at Shoreham Airport.