52 postcards - week 33, Leaves

I’ll be honest; this has been one of the more difficult images to write about in this project. I know why. I’m not entirely happy with the outcome and wish I’d paid more attention when creating it in camera.

Many of the postcards in this project have been black and white. This hasn’t been a deliberate on my part (for the most part), the images have just been more pleasing or effective when rendered into black and white. When I was processing this image, I thought that it might work better in monochrome. I was hoping that the main subject, the unfurling canna leaf at the front, would be stronger without the distraction of colour. However and despite sometime fiddling with it, it didn’t work. There are also some compositional elements that don’t work (the distracting vein of the leaf in the background, being just one).

From this image I’ve learnt some of the reasons why and this will help me in the future. On reflection, I like the colours in this image; the contrasting green and purples for me work well. However, I know I could have done better. Rather than beating myself up about it with a metaphorical stick, I’ll take stock, learn and move forward; all part of the creative process.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on learning, failure and the creative process. Why not leave a comment in the section below?

Week 33’s recipient is Ruth Ricks from the USA. Like me, Ruth is taking part in a yearlong postcard exchange.