52 postcards - week 32, Umbilifer

Finding details is one of the things I look out for when I’m making images. It can be detail within a larger landscape or closing in on an object. I also like to try different techniques will making images. Week 32 combines both of these – looking for detail (this time in nature) and taking the image by holding the camera under the object and firing the shutter. This technique is very hit and miss but checking the composition on the screen after each shot means the position of the camera can be refined and focussing point selected.

When I found some umbilifer seed heads while walking along the River Adur, I knew that they would make a good detail image. Composing the image conventionally, with my eye to the viewfinder, didn’t work. I then tried the ‘looking up’ technique and the composition was much more pleasing. I also knew that I wanted to convert the image to black and white, making the structure and detail of the seed head stand out against the bright sky.

Week 32’s recipient is Inge van Leipsig. Inge is one of the members of a postcard exchange I’ve been part of this year. She particularly enjoys pinhole and film photography and you can see some of her images here.