52 postcards - week 31, Pride abstracted

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the annual Brighton Pride parade. Pride is a wonderful, joyful celebration of people being free to be who they are and proud of it. I love the fun, vibrancy and inclusiveness of it. While I was watching, I wanted to capture some essence of the parade. I made some images, but I wasn’t happy with them; they were more record shots rather than capturing something different.

I wandered down to the promenade. Rainbow flags and banners were everywhere. Still seeking something a little different, I spotted one of the large banners was reflected in a giant glitter ball on the promenade. In post-processing I cropped in quite heavily to avoid any distractions and make the abstracted rainbow the main subject.

This week’s recipient is Nic Willett. I met Nic while I was working at my former employers. Like me, Nic likes to create; her medium is jewellery. As yet, she doesn’t have a website, but when she does I’ll post a link here.