52 postcards - week 29, Bleached beach

The heat wave in the south of England is now into its second week. Hot and humid days, followed by sleepless, hot and humid nights, with the occasional spectacular thunderstorm thrown in to liven things up. Living just a short walk from the beach means the chance to cool off a little in the gentle sea breezes.

To catch the sea breeze I wandered down to the beach just before mid-day last Sunday. The sun was intense and the sea was acting like a giant reflector, making it even brighter. I wasn’t alone, as families were setting up for a day by the sea. For some time, I’ve had an image in mind; high key with beach users almost in silhouette. The conditions I found were almost perfect for the image I wanted to make. In post-processing, I increased the exposure by a stop and then ran the image through a filter in Nik Analog Efex Pro 2 to give a film look to the finished image.

Week 29’s recipient is Rafael Perez. Rafael, who lives in Oregon, was drawn as my July postcard exchange partner. It’s been great fun and rewarding give and receive these tiny works of art. You can see some of Rafael’s older photographic work at his website here.