52 postcards - week 28, Postcards from Arles

At the beginning of July, I was lucky enough to be in Arles for the opening week of the Les Rencontres d’Arles; an annual, international festival of photography. I had no real idea what to expect, but I knew I would be in for a week of seeing and experiencing thought provoking photography in the beautiful Provencal town. It’s now over a week since I’ve returned from Arles and I’m still digesting my experiences and sorting through some of the images I made; I’ll share some of those later.

From July to September, the town of Arles and its citizens embraces photography. Photography is everywhere, from exhibitions in stunning buildings to pop-up exhibits in shops and houses, to posters on walls and even the pavement. However, Arles isn’t all about photography, all of the time. It’s a very popular tourist destination, with a host of ancient and historic buildings and a vibrant local culture. To try to capture both photography and tourism (in a rather cheesy way), I grabbed this image of a rack of postcards.

This week’s recipient is once again Sarah McKenzie from Woonsocket, Rhode Island. To see some of Sarah’s photography, knitting and gardening exploits, visit her blog.