52 postcards - week 27, Bridge inversion

I remember I’d been looking for some ‘interesting’ light all week and finally on the Friday evening I thought I’d found it. In the early evening, with the sun dropping and casting rays through the clouds, I took the short walk from my home to the River Adur. It may have only been a five-minute walk, but by the time I reached the river, the ‘interesting’ light had gone. As I knew I only had limited opportunities during the following weekend to make images, I decided to carry on walking and see what I could find.

As part of the Ropetackle housing development in Shoreham-by-Sea, a number of pieces of art have been installed, including some lenses. I walk past these frequently and am always intrigued by the inverted images they produce. For this image, rather than go in close, I wanted to show the lens in the context of its surroundings (the River Adur and the railway bridge spanning it). The, by now, flat light of the evening proved to be perfect for making this image; any sun would have shone directly through the lens. As I’ve said before, all lighting conditions can be ‘good’ or ‘interesting’, you just need think creatively.

This week’s recipient is André Jolley. I first met André a few years back on a photo walk with fellow photo chums from Sussex. You can see his work on his website, including his interpretation of our recent trip to Margate.