52 postcards - week 26, Rivers in the sand


I’m finding it’s no good trying to force creativity. For week 26, the halfway point of this project, I had it in mind to create something that represented this milestone. Half full, half empty, half and half. I looked and looked, I tried to contrive something, but nothing worked. At desperation point and not wanting this project to stall, I was forced out with my camera early on the morning of Sunday 29 June. I had to come back with an image, there was no other choice.

It’s funny how a deadline can make you see and look at things differently! I wandered down to the beach and as luck would have it, it was a very low tide. It’s only at the lowest tides that any sand is revealed on the beach at Shoreham-by-Sea. As I walked slowly along the shoreline I was looking all around me. Seascapes weren’t an interesting or creative option as the light was quite flat, even though it was early in the morning. I then started to look down, and a whole new world of creative possibilities opened up. Where the sand was exposed, patterns had formed as the tide receded. I was reminded of my old university geomorphology text books and how rivers systems develop. As with so many of the images in this project, a black and white treatment made the detail stand out more effectively. Now looking at the image, I’m wondering if I should have rotated it by 180°. What do you think?

The postcard of Rivers in the sand was sent to a recipient in the US. I hope it’s arrived safely, but as yet I haven’t heard (this is becoming a bit of a recurring theme of late!). If I do hear, I’ll update the post and share their work with you.