52 postcards - week 24, High noon shadows

High noon and early afternoon, with strong sunlight, aren’t always the best times to make images. However, ‘difficult’ light is all part of the creative challenge. Walking along the River Adur into Shoreham-by-Sea, I came across the shadows of flowers and grasses projected onto the pavement. I made a few images with the flowers included, but I found that they distracted from the main interest, the shadows. Even though the pavement was a pale grey, I decided converting the image to black and white made the shadows more defined.

Making an image a week for this project has, at times, proved challenging, but using the excuse of difficult light shouldn’t been one of the reasons for not trying.

This week’s recipient is once again, Juliette Wiles. One of Juliette’s current projects is on the River Thames, you can see some of the images from it here.