52 postcards - week 22, Fallen

In recent weeks, I’ve been able to take a few trips to London. As I’ve mentioned before, I love to engage in some aimless wandering. On my last visit I found myself in Green Park, which is sandwiched between Constitution Hill and Piccadilly. Of all the Royal Parks, for me, it is the least interesting; just avenues of trees and grass. I’ve walked through this park numerous times but never found anything that took my eye photographically. In one corner of the park, near Canada Gate, is the Canada Memorial. This is one of the newer memorials and commemorates those Canadians who served during the two world wars. I like its simple, but striking design.

Walking around the memorial I noticed two small, fallen branches. The leaves of the plane tree are similar in shape to the maple leaves depicted in the memorial, a serendipitous coincidence. Recently I’ve been trying to simplify my images and think more about composition before pressing the shutter. I’ve started to explore the concept of contemplative photography and have found some helpful tutorials from the Miksang Institute. Keeping it simple and thinking before randomly clicking away are my new mantras.

Unfortunately I haven’t heard if week 22s postcard successfully arrived, so I can’t share with you the recipient’s work. If I do hear, I’ll update this post with a link to their website.