52 postcards - week 23, Bridge blur

Week 23 saw me back experimenting with blur. I’ve made images of the railway bridge over the River Adur in Shoreham-by-Sea before, but it’s a solid grey metal structure and doesn’t really make for a particularly elegant or interesting image.

Rather than my usual technique of a vertical movement of the camera, for this image I panned from left to right. It took some fiddling with aperture and speed to produce an image that I’m reasonably happy with. I say reasonably as there are things about this image I don’t like. For me the sky doesn’t work, the clouds don’t haven’t blurred as much as the water. It may have been better to have removed them, so that the eyes goes to the bridge and then the detail in the water. Throughout this project I’ll continue to experiment with showing movement and I may return to the railway bridge, so watch this space.

Bridge blur was sent to Jesús Joglar in Spain. Jesús specialises in pinhole, long-exposure film photography and solargraphs. You can see his work on his website, here.