52 postcards - week 17, Spring in the city

Think of spring and what image comes to mind? Bluebell carpeted woods, the light gently filtering through to the forest floor through freshly opened leaves. A Blackbird’s song rising above the rustle of the leaves in the breeze. On a walk along the south bank of the Thames near the Mayor of London’s office, I found this forest in the city. The fresh, bright green leaves contrasted wonderfully against dark, artificially light office interior. What would have been a very stark, concrete environment has been soften by this grove of trees.

The relationship between the built environment and nature has always interested me. Looking through my image library, I see that it is a reoccurring theme in my collection. Despite human-kind’s best efforts, nature will always survive in some form. Look around any urban environment and you will see all kinds of wildlife finding a home in the seemingly most inhospitable places.

Many urban building projects incorporate landscaping and planting schemes. Having a connection with some green space and nature is good for us, even if we don’t really always know it.

As yet, I haven’t heard from the recipients of this postcard. If and when I do, I’ll post a link to their work.