52 postcards - week 19, Light and shade

I’m writing this post while sitting under the shade of an Alder tree by the languid La Dronne, in the Dordogne, France. Dragonflies are skimming over the water as the leaves rustle in the gentle breeze and Jackdaws chatter in the sky above. This place couldn’t be any further removed from where I made week 19’s image, if I tried.

Last week, I spent another day of aimless wandering in London. I had no particular plans and it wasn’t until I’d left Victoria Station that I decided to explore some of the many parks Central London has to offer. Like here in the Dordogne, spring growth was everywhere. As I wandered through Hyde Park and on to Kensington Palace Gardens, I made a few images trying to capture the fresh green of spring. To try something different, I experimented with double exposures (something I’ve only recently learnt my digital cameras can do).

Aimless wandering was put on hold as it started to rain and I took shelter in the Victoria and Albert Museum. The V&A is a treasure trove of beautiful art and objects from around the world. It’s easy to get lost in its rabbit warren of corridors and display rooms. Each room reveals yet more wonderful things. This time I discovered the photography gallery and have been introduced to a whole new selection of photographers to explore.

After an hour of aimless museum wandering, the sun had returned and I walked out into the Museum’s inner courtyard. Like where I am today, water features, but at the V&A it’s a human-made construct. However, the effect is as calming and captivating, even in the heart of the city. Like today, I sought shade under the formally planted trees and this is where I found week 19’s image, Light and shade. The two metal chairs provided simple graphic shapes and their shadows added depth. As I was making the image, I was envisioning it in black and white as I wanted to emphasise the simple shapes and contrast between light and shade, human-made and natural.

Week 19’s recipient is Sonia Hunt. I first met her at a meeting of the Brighton and Hove Camera Club, where we both newbies. You can see Sonia’s work on here website.