52 postcards - week 15, Shell still life

As I’ve mentioned previously, I want at least one of the postcards in this project to have been made using film. Week 15 was looking promising, but in the end it didn’t work out. This high contrast still life of shells, is the digital backup I made while also creating some film images. While I was making it, I had envisioned it being a black and white. I was looking to emphasise the shape of the shells and not be distracted by the background. I’m not entirely happy with the finished result; week 15 was a case of finding an image made during the week that was at least passable for the project. Over the next couple of months I’ll have more time to devote to photography, so will be trying a more measured and less rushed attempt at some still life again. Who knows, it might also be on film.

Week 15’s recipient is Jeff Soderquist from Seattle. In the mid-1990s I was lucky enough to spend five weeks travelling round the Pacific North-West and fell in love with its amazing wild landscapes and nature. Jeff’s images of the area capture my recollections of that visit so well. You can see his work on his Flickr photostream.