52 postcards - week 16, Groyne impression

Shoreham-by-Sea beach is one of my regular destinations for a lunchtime walk. I love the space, constantly changing light and sense of freedom any beach and coastline gives. More often than not I will take my camera with me. Even though Shoreham’s pebbly beach isn’t the most photogenic of places, I have innumerable images of it on my hard drive. Looking through them many are of the same view or detail and there are many, many images of the wooden groynes. On my visit to the beach the make week 16’s postcard I was determined to move away from straight images I’ve made in the past.

Up to now, I’ve just used the vertical blur technique on the Shoreham Tollbridge. Time to try some new subject and see how it might work. I wasn’t sure that the strongish light (the beach faces south) and the high tide would be suitable, but I spent some time at one of the exposed groynes trying it out. Vertical blurring is a bit of a trial and error technique and you need to make several images with a variety of settings to come out with something satisfactory. I’m relatively pleased with the result, but it needs some work. Earlier this week I tried the same method while passing through London. I may blog about those later.

I sent this postcard to Ellen Procee in the Netherlands. Ellen is one of the group of photographers I’ve been exchanging postcards with and many of her beautiful images adorn the noticeboard in my office. You can see Ellen’s work on Flickr.