My 52 postcards project has been on a mini hiatus as I’ve waited for a film to be returned from the developers. I wanted to see if there was anything useable for week 15’s postcard. While I’ve been almost exclusively digital in my photography for almost 10 years, I’m open to experimenting with different techniques or returning to film for this project. I had a few frames left on a black and white film that’s been sitting in my old Minolta for far too long and the week before last I dusted it down and made a few still life images in my garden. As a backup, I also made a few images using my digital equipment, as I wasn’t confident that my film results would be up to the mark.

For the last few days I’ve been expecting the developed film to be delivered. But nothing. Finally, today, I cracked. I blame the weather! Here in the UK, Easter Sunday has turned out to be wet and cold. With no incentive to go out, this was a perfect time to do some printing. As well as week 15, I also printed week 16’s postcard, so next week, two postcards will be sent on their way.

I am determined to use film for at least one of my postcards in this project. I’ve been inspired to do so by many of the film photographers who form part of the international postcard exchange I’m part of. In a few week’s time I’ll be spending some time in the Dordogne, France and hope that the strong light will provide ideal conditions for some high contrast black and white film photography. In the meantime, it’s back to digital and an outtake from week 16.


Sign of the times