Somewhere, in Washington State and London, are the postcards for weeks 11 and 12 of my 52 postcards project. It’s over two weeks since they were sent and I haven’t heard from either of the recipients. I hope that at least they arrived and were looked at. Not hearing is one of the risks of participating in an exchange of this type with people one doesn’t know.

Week 11 – Time for reflection
This image was made while on a work visit to Flatford Mill and just a few hundred meters from the location for John Constable’s painting,The Hay Wain. The reflections in the water mirrored my own reflective mood at the time. This image is the most literal of this series. A straight representation of what I was seeing at the time.


Week 12 – Table, chairs, shadows
Harsh mid-day light, often thought of as a poor light for photography, can provide many creative possibilities. A few years ago I would have dismissed the opportunities that this light gives. Now I see things differently, thanks to work created by some members of my camera club, who actively embraced it. This image was created during a lunch break. I felt the strong graphic elements were best interpreted in black and white.


I do hope that the recipients do get in touch so that I can share their work with you. Fingers crossed that week 13 has better luck.