52 postcards - week 10, Walk on by

A major part of this project is giving and sharing; the giving of a printed postcard and the sharing of that image more widely here. One of my unwritten rules was not to share the image here, until I’d heard if the postcard had been received by the recipient. Well, for week 10, I’m bending my own rule as I have yet to hear if the card has arrived. I will check with the recipient, but as it’s over a week, I’m assuming not.*

This image was made while sitting on the promenade at Hove. I wanted to experiment with high key and blur. I waited until pedestrians and cyclists passed by and then using a slow shutter speed made the image. There’s lots of trial and error in this type of photography and it doesn’t always work. I’m pleased with this result, but want to experiment further with this technique. As with week 9’s image, I like the ambiguity the blurring creates.

*I knew this would happen, as soon as I clicked the publish button – the postcard did arrive! This week’s recipient, is my friend, Vicky Lamburn. I first met Vicky a few years back on a photo walk. She is both a documentary and wedding photographer. You can see her work here.