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March 2014

Snap happy

I’ve just come back from a week’s holiday on Mallorca, Spain. While my husband was out cycling, it was my plan to explore the area with my camera and come home with some really creative work. That was the plan; the reality was a little different. This morning I’ve been going through my images and seeing what I have. In my eyes, the majority are little more than holiday snaps, records of where I went and what I saw. There were a few where I’d tried a some creative techniques such as high key blurring, but these haven’t worked this time. Initially I was disappointed with the results. It seemed a wasted opportunity to have been somewhere different and not come home with some satisfyingly creative work. But on reflection I’m OK with what I’ve done. It was a holiday, I made some holiday snaps. Creativity can’t be forced (for me anyway) and the surroundings I found myself in didn’t provide the spark I needed.

However, I was able to find something from the batch for week 13 of 52 postcards. I’m still waiting to hear if weeks 11 and 12 have arrived safely with their recipients. When they have, I’ll post the images here. In the meantime, here’s a snap from Mallorca.

The beach at Alcudia
The beach at Alcudia

My pinboard of inspiration

In January this year, I joined a group of photographers from all over the world in an exchange of our images via printed postcards. Each week my post has been filled with beautiful, creative and inspirational art. As the cards have come in, I’ve pinned them on the pinboard by my desk. The variety of subject matter and photographic technique is amazing. It’s only March and my board is already almost full.

When I’m stuck for inspiration for my own 52 postcards project, I just take a glance at the images on the board. As well as the finished pieces I’m also inspired by the creativity and love that has gone into producing each of the prints. Sharing and collaboration in a project like this is so rewarding.



52 postcards – week 10, Walk on by

52 postcards - week 10, Walk on by

A major part of this project is giving and sharing; the giving of a printed postcard and the sharing of that image more widely here. One of my unwritten rules was not to share the image here, until I’d heard if the postcard had been received by the recipient. Well, for week 10, I’m bending my own rule as I have yet to hear if the card has arrived. I will check with the recipient, but as it’s over a week, I’m assuming not.*

This image was made while sitting on the promenade at Hove. I wanted to experiment with high key and blur. I waited until pedestrians and cyclists passed by and then using a slow shutter speed made the image. There’s lots of trial and error in this type of photography and it doesn’t always work. I’m pleased with this result, but want to experiment further with this technique. As with week 9’s image, I like the ambiguity the blurring creates.

*I knew this would happen, as soon as I clicked the publish button – the postcard did arrive! This week’s recipient, is my friend, Vicky Lamburn. I first met Vicky a few years back on a photo walk. She is both a documentary and wedding photographer. You can see her work here.

52 postcards – week 9, Tollbridge blur

52 postcards - week 9, Tollbridge blur

For the last year or so, I’ve been experimenting with panning and tilting while making images. I like the impressionisic quality and ambiguity that it creates. This image of the Tollbridge in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, was taken in early evening light. I focussed just above the top of the bridge and tilted the camera slowly and vertically as possible. I’ve been experimenting with settings and have found shutter speeds of between 1/6 and 1/10th second work the best.

The printed postcard of the image has been sent to Jeff McConnell in Annandale, New Jersey. Jeff is a pinhole photographer and you can see his excellent work at his website, how things look..

52 postcards – week 8, Pavilion reflected

52 postcards - week 8, Pavilion reflected

Always carrying a camera pays off as you never know where an image may be found. I found this reflection of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton while on my work lunch break. The endless days of rain have certainly created some large puddles and the bright mid-day late winter sun made for an interesting reflection, which is then turned through 180 degrees in post production.

Week 8’s recipient is Isabelle Boutriau. I first met Isabelle in a nondescript hotel restaurant in New Delhi at the start of our photography tour of Bhutan. I’ve taken much inspiration from Isabelle’s images (which you can see on Flickr) and I have a huge admiration for her ability to make wonderful portraits and her insatiable desire to travel and explore.

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