It’s that time of year for setting goals and making resolutions. Last year, on this blog, I committed to a 365 project, just using only my iPhone. It started well, but I fairly quickly became frustrated by being restricted to the iPhone, so I made images with some of my other cameras. That lasted a while and then I ran out of steam. Having successfully completed a 365 in 2008, I didn’t have a sense of challenge anymore.

But enough of that. After a year of little creativity I’m determined to make 2014 a year when I rekindle my love of photography. I’ve found that just making images with no real purpose isn’t enough. I need a project, a goal and an opportunity to learn and develop. So, one of my projects for this year, combines a weekly assignment, collaboration with others and releasing my images from the hard drive by producing a non-virtual copy (that would be printing then!).

The project: 52 postcards, printed and shared with others. My aim is to create an image a week that I’ll make into a postcard and send via the mail (that’s the communication method where you use a stamp and a postbox) to another photographer or friend. Simple, but hopefully full of creative possibilities.

This project has come together thanks to the ideas and inspirations of two photographers I’ve become acquainted with; Moni Smith (Moni Smith Photography) from the USA and more recently, Frau Inga (Inge on Flickr!) from the Netherlands.