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January 2014

52 postcards – week 4, West Pier skeleton

At the start of my week, I never know where I’ll find my postcard image or what it might be. I try to think about where a few opportunities might present themselves and make sure I have a camera with me. By Saturday of week 4, nothing had presented itself. I want to try not to make images from obvious landmarks and photographic cliches, but this week I’ve done just that. The other images from a visit to Brighton didn’t come to anything, so week 4’s postcard is of the derelict West Pier in Brighton.

Week 4’s recipient is Ellen Procee from the Netherlands. She is part of a monthly postcard exchange I’ve joined this year. You can see Ellen’s work over on Flickr!, please do go and have a look.

52 postcards - week 4, West Pier skeleton

I would love to hear your comments or feedback on this project.


52 postcards – week 3, Grafton Car Park, Worthing

Week three’s postcard has arrived. Unlike weeks one and two, this one only had to travel a few kilometres along the coast from my home in West Sussex, to Eastbourne in East Sussex. The recipient, Christos, is a keen film photographer; his work can be seen on Flickr!.

The inspiration for week three’s image came from Martin Parr. I was lucky enough to hear Martin speak at my camera club last year. As well as a photographer, Martin is also an avid collector of an eclectic range of things, including boring postcards. This image of the Grafton car park in Worthing is my interpretation of a boring postcard. It’s been post processed to give a ’70s film look.

52 postcards - week 3, Grafton Car Park, Worthing

52 postcards – week 2, Promenade reflection

Week 2’s postcard of my 52 postcards project arrived yesterday. The recipient, Moni Smith who lives in Oregon, USA, is one of the creative inspirations for this project. Moni is a talented photographer who loves all things film. You can see more of her work here: Moni Smith Photography.

52 postcards - week 2, Promenade reflection

52 Postcards – Week 1, Shadows

My first postcard in my 52 postcards project has arrived at its destination. I don’t plan to publish the image here until it’s been received as I would like the recipient to be the first person to see it.

Week 1 – Shadows was sent to Frau Inge in the Netherlands. I encourage you to check out Inge’s images on Flickr!

52 Postcards - Week 1, Shadows

So, how did I do?

Wings over waves
Wings over waves

Before my long Christmas and New Year holiday, I set myself some goals. Four objectives, all creative. As my holiday is almost over and work beckons tomorrow, I thought I’d look back and see how I’d done. Here’s my end of holiday report.

1. Stop faffing about and finish my Blurb book on Bhutan

Faffing was stopped. The book is now complete and in the post.

2. Switch on the printer and release some images from the hard drive

I’m not sure why I’d stopped printing images (probably the high cost of inks!). I’m now getting back into the swing of it and relearning what little I did know about the Print module in Lightroom. Printing will be integral to my 52 Postcards project, so with luck by the end of the year, I’ll have worked out just how to print a 4×6 postcard without having to do it multiple times.

3. Don’t be put off by self-doubt and criticism about my ability to use my DSLR; get out there make some images; a South Downs landscape and English Channel seascape are a good place to start

There’s a bit of a back story to this one that I won’t go into here. I have dusted down my much neglected D800 and got reacquainted with it. The weather over the holidays has to say the least, been dire, so I’ve not been out as much as I would have liked (fair weather photographer I hear you cry!). Despite this, I have a seascape and a South Downs landscape. Not brilliant images, but a start.

4. Stop talking about it and do something about having an exhibition or finding an outlet for some of my images

To be honest, not much movement on this one. I have had a look round a local gallery (run as a cooperative) to see what other artists have on offer and looking at prices. I like the space, but need to give some more thought to how much time I can give (part of the deal is regular staffing of the gallery). I shouldn’t let this put me off though. I’ll pull together a small portfolio of prints and greetings cards, take the plunge and see where I go.

There you have it. Four objectives set, four outcomes achieved. Not all complete, but 2 -4 will be ongoing through 2014. Writing and publishing them, has without doubt, made me dedicate time to being creative. I like how that feels, so here’s to a creative 2014.

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