The New Year is the time to set goals, challenges and resolutions. Often these well made intentions don’t last much beyond the end of the month. This year, I’m starting a little earlier, keeping the list short, realistic and aiming to do as much as I can over the Christmas and New Year holiday.

So here are my challenges

1. Stop faffing about and finish my Blurb book on Bhutan

2. Switch on the printer and release some images from the hard drive

3. Don’t be put off by self-doubt and criticism about my ability to use my DSLR; get out there make some images; a South Downs landscape and English Channel seascape are a good place to start

4. Stop talking about it and do something about having an exhibition or finding an outlet for some of my images.

So, I have from 17:15 on 20 December when work finishes until 09:00 on 6 January when the holiday is over, to start and complete the first three and get the forth going. Drop by and see how I’m doing.

And finally. However and whatever you celebrate at this time, I wish you health, peace and happiness.