PAW – week 9
Photo a day or photo a week; which is easier? Before I started my 365 project last year, I would have said 52 was bound to have been the easier option. Having completed 365 in December and now doing a photo a week project I’m not so sure.

With a photo a day you knew where you were. To complete the project there were no off days, no options not to capture an image. I had to carry a camera with me everywhere, and use it everyday. With a photo a week, the creative tension isn’t there. There’s always tomorrow, or the day after that. Then it’s Sunday and there are few or no images to process and upload.

I also miss the community that grew up around 365 on Flickr! I’m doing my photo a day through my camera club (Brighton and Hove CC). I’m new to the club and although it’s real, rather than virtual, I’m still finding my feet.

I was determined to complete 365 and I did. I need to apply that determination and reignite the creative spark to project 52.


Busy bee, originally uploaded by Chalkhills.