Last night was camera club night and my first competition. It was a bit like going back to school or university and sitting an exam. As this is the entry group of the club, everyone gets a point at least (or bronze) and so far no one has had their imaged passed (or not given any points).


The first few images were great, given silvers and golds. Then came my first entry – Peace. The judge stood back, ummed at bit, mentioned the ‘anti-nuclear’ symbol formed by the shadow; he recognised the strong colours, but then came the killer line – ‘nicely spotted, but of no particular interest, Bronze’. Ouch. I wasn’t expecting to waltz in and sweep the board, but I still felt a bit deflated.


My second image (Urban Jungle) was up fairly soon after the first. A totally different reaction. It follows the style of Man Ray (apparently), with strong lines and observation. The composition leads you into the picture and the colours harmonise. It almost got a Gold, but not quite a ‘high end’ Silver instead. Of the two images I do think this is the better one.


After the break there was time to analyse a few of the images the judge had found difficult. Peace was among them. This critique was so useful. My original image was generally liked (someone even suggested I should consider putting it up for stock selling). Then the judge started to play about with cropping it to make it an image to stand out. It was amazing. I wish I’d had the nerve to crop in really tight. Here are a couple of crops.






I’m already thinking what to submit next. I’m really hacked off though as the next meeting date has been changed and I can’t go because of work. There may be a way round it, I’ll see.