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January 2009

Things are looking up


Shot in RAW, on a raw day. 

Snowdrops showing their faces from under their winter blanket of leaves. 

St Mary de Haura, Shoreham-by-Sea

Things are looking up, originally uploaded by Chalkhills.



In the shake of a lamb’s tail



As I have the luxury of a long weekend, I’ve been able pick the camera up again. I’ve visited these catkins before. In December they were tightly closed, but now they are starting to open up. Spring is on the way.

Catkins, garden, Shoreham-by-Sea


Week 2, PAW, Brighton and Hove Camera Club

In the shake of a lamb’s tail, originally uploaded by Chalkhills.

Who was James Black?


I found this neglected gravestone in a corner of St Nicolas churhyard in Shoreham-by-Sea.

Not great light, but I just needed to pick the camera up again.



Who was James Black?, originally uploaded by Chalkhills.

Breaking the cycle



After 388 days of putting a camera to my eye and creating an image, the break had to come. Since completing my 365 I’ve been torn between carrying on (using a camera daily has become like brushing one’s teeth, a daily routine), or giving myself and creativity a well-earned rest.

Yesterday was the day I chose to make the break. It wasn’t done because I forgot, I was thinking about capturing an image on and off through the day. Yesterday other things took my time and energy, there was none left to be creative with. Over the previous few days I’ve just stuck my camera at anything that looked vaguely interesting in order to capture something. I haven’t been happy with any of the results.

So today is a new day. I’ve captured something that goes someway towards creative. The pressure has gone. Or has it? I’ve signed up to a Photo a Week (PAW) project with my local camera club. I want to keep my hand in, but develop my skills along the way.

Broken bicycle

Week 1, PAW, Brighton and Hove Camera Club

Breaking the cycle, originally uploaded by Chalkhills.

Seeing red


Apparently the only place for these Christmas lights is the bin as one of the connections is loose and should not be repaired. What a wasteful society we live in. I still can’t bring myself to ditch them.




Seeing red, originally uploaded by Chalkhills.

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