I’ve been tagged by JanetJJ a fellow 365er. So if you’re sitting comfortabley, I’ll begin. . .

What was I doing 10 years ago?
Working for the same nature conservation charity that I work for today. I’d just moved from Bedfordshire to West Sussex. After nearly 12 years in the bland nothingness of Bedfordshire it was a great delight to move to the (OK crowed) south coast, with the sea within 10 minutes cycle ride and the South Downs 10 minutes walk from our house. I’d recently got engaged and was probably planning our wedding. I wasn’t knitting or taking many photos then, but I had started to appreciate, rather than just drink wine.

What are the 5 things on my to do list for today (in no particular order)
1. Wading through work e-mails after being out of the office all last week
2. Taking a picture for my 365 project
3. Buying rail tickets for a ridiculously early start tomorrow morning
4. Packing for another trip to Scotland on Wednesday
5. Going for a session on the toning tables

Snacks I enjoy
Um, where to start. . . Malt loaf (a couple of slices with my ritual cup of coffee at 10am when I’m in the office), those semi-dried mango slices from M&S, whole almonds. Oh and let’s not pretend, chocolate (not plain though, makes me cough).

Things I would do if I were a billionaire
One thing I wouldn’t do, would be buy a football (soccer) team. The obvious stuff of making sure friends and family were finically secure, move to the French Pyrenees, fritter my money on any Radley bag I desired and buy an Aston Marten DB9, plus all the Nikon lenses I’ve ever wanted.

The rest – most of it would go to my three charities of choice, Oxfam, Survival International and Practical Action.

Oh forgot to mention I’d have to buy up Château d’Yquem and Montezumas chocolate so I could have an endless and on demand supply of my favourite wine and chocolate.

Places I’ve lived
Norfolk, Worcestershire, Bedfordshire/Cambridgeshire, West Sussex

People I want to know more about
Being part of Ravelry and Flickr has opened my world to some amazing people.

Janet has beaten me to Diane

All my choices make me laugh, think and I admire their take on life and creativity. So, and I hope they don’t mind being tagged, here goes:

Sarah Mackenzie

Deep Sea Knitter


Bob T Bear (esq)